Dimensions ft/lbs m/kg
LOA 29.19 8.90
LWL 26.84 8.18
Beam 9.50 2.90
Standard Draft 6.50 1.98
Standard Ballast 1,840 835
Displacement 4,990 2,264
Engine 14 hp 14 hp
100% SA 439 40.80
I 38.67 11.79
ISP 41.60 12.68
J 11.28 3.44
P 36.82 11.22
E 12.00 3.66
SA/Dspl 24 24
Dspl/L 115 115

J/88 USA Standard Equipment



J/88- The Family Weekending Speedster

J/88 was introduced in July 2013 and its popularity has grown dramatically ever since. Today, 100+ J/88s are sailing in ten countries on four continents.  Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/88s sailing in venues around the world as well as some J/88 instruction videos.

J/88 Sailing Videos  * Please Click Links for Videos
J/88 Sailboat Test- boats.com- John Burnham J/88 Downwind- Narragansett Bay
J/88 Yachting World Test- Matt Sheahan J/88 Insails.com First Sail
J/88 SAIL Magazine Test J/88 Insails.com- Training & Testing Day
J/88 Tour- by The Hull Story  
J/88 Instructional Videos  
J/88 Sail Testing I- North Sails J/88 Downwind Gybe
J/88 Sail Testing II- North Sails  

J/88 Oceanvolt- Powered By Clean Energy

Imagine sailing on a beautiful day knowing that, even if the wind dies and you're forced to turn on the motor, peace and tranquility are not lost. Every minute sailing, the battery pack is charging, allowing you to later silently power back to the harbor. 

"There is no quicker way to break the silence of a beautiful day for sailors than having to turn on the diesel engine," said Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats. "Most of our owners will tell you they sail their boats 90% of the time. We would like to improve that other 10% and as well provide a more environmentally-friendly solution for sailors who love the sea."

The J88 SolarSailer 0048 18236Oceanvolt SEA system has clear benefits compared to diesel motors, the most significant being silent operation, no emissions and low maintenance. On a full-charge (7.1 kW) there is enough battery power to go up to 20 nm with no sail or solar power support. Add in both of those elements, and the J/88 can go all day "solar sailing" (the solar version of motor-sailing)- with solar mainsail and solar bimini deployed, the 1,000+ watts of power from the sun enables speeds up 6.5 kts- that's 50-60nm!

"For the past ten years, we have been developing innovative solutions for the electric/hybrid power market in Europe," said Timo Jaakkola, President of Oceanvolt. "Based in Finland, a country renowned for developing leading edge "green" solutions, our company has pioneered the use of electric power in keelboats that range from 15 to 60 ft and ranging from 3kW to 15kW."

TheJ88 Oceanvolt 02 72dpi 18234 J/88 will feature Oceanvolt's SD6 6kW 48vdc system; which is lightweight (47 kg total) and has full hydro-regeneration capabilities, meaning that you can create energy back to the batteries while sailing using the folding propeller mounted on the sail-drive. Up to 1.0 kW per hour can be generated to recharge the batteries while sailing at 8.5 kts. Unlike diesel engines that require on-going maintenance by qualified mechanics, the Oceanvolt motor has no gears and very few components.  In fact, the only moving parts in the entire system are the prop/shaft and the rotor inside the electric motor- just two primary components!


An J88 ColorControl 18241important feature of the Oceanvolt SEA system is the complete integration of Victron Energy's solar power MPPT charge controllers, shore power inverters, and the hydro-generator power. The Oceanvolt RSI is a state of the art remote diagnostic and service interface that lets you check your boat's status from anywhere. Track all the data about the motor, batteries, generator, solar panels & chargers online in real-time. The Victron Energy Color Control GX provides you all the data logs, the ability to set parameters for alarms, and track the location and monitor your boat in real-time.

 J88 SolarSailer 006 18208The J/88 Oceanvolt also features the latest thin-film solar powered sail technology from France- the innovative SolarClothSystem. This design incorporates super-thin 65 micron film containing high-efficiency photovoltaic cells that will produce 500 watts per hour. The cells are flexible enough to be used on mainsails that get rolled or folded.

The "power bimini" with 8 x 100 watt solar panels is capable of producing up to 650 watts per hour.  Recent tests on a partly cloudy day showed the ability to produce over 2.5 kWh from sunrise 8am to sunset 7pm.  Here is the graph of that power production curve.J88 SolarYield 2.5kWh 18237

The J88 SpeedRange 18239Oceanvolt SD6 electric motor maximum range "power curve" graph shows the comparison of "battery-only" range to "solar sailing" range.  The boat has 4 Valence LiFeMgPO4 batteries of 12.8 vdc x 138 amp hrs that weigh 42 lbs each.   That's plenty of  range for weekend/ day-sailing!

J/88 - One Design Fun & Family Daysailer

The J/88 is not only comfortable and easy to handle, but her sweet balance, effortless speed and comfort will maximize your sailing fun. J/88 truly hits the sweet-spot in J Boat’s new performance sprit range – large enough to provide the creature comforts of a sit-in cockpit, inboard diesel, overnighting interior and head; and small enough to be single-point lifted, owner trailered and stored. Plus, there's no wood on deck, minimum systems, and a simple functional interior so you can maximize sailing time and minimize on-board maintenance.

If sailing is having your cake and eating it too, then the J/88 is like ordering the whole dessert menu. Design highlights include a high-aspect, non-overlapping sail plan (no genoas) with a light weight carbon fiber mast - deck stepped configuration for easy rigging and tuning as well as for keeping the water out and the main cabin dry.

The 6.5 ft fixed keel with molded finish ensures a fair, smooth foil surface with a low vertical center of gravity.  This provides a ride that’s every bit as stable and exciting as the J/88’s speedster siblings - fast upwind with amazing fingertip balance on the helm and exciting planing potential downwind in moderate to fresh breezes thanks to the easy to manage masthead asymmetrical spinnaker and retractable carbon J/Sprit.


Since J/88's successful launch and with over 120 boats sailing around the world in 2018, the growing J/88 Owner managed one-design class enjoys very close racing in the US and UK, friendly social gatherings for owners and each year more events are being added to the calendar.  With maximum crew of six and strict sail limitations, the class rules help to keep costs under control and attracts sailors looking for a simplified one design experience that includes friends and family.

J/88 not only satisfies her owners, but has met with critical acclaim in the boating press, awarded the "Best Boat Under 30 Ft" in SAILING WORLD's Boat of the Year competition, Yachts & Yachting Magazine's Boat of the Year as well as receiving high marks from the SAIL Magazine, Sailing Magazine, Boats.com, Yachting World Magazine and several others who have taken the opportunity to review the boat. J/88 is perfect for offshore racing as well as for one-design and or local beer can races.  What's most important is that when all the racing is over, you'll thoroughly enjoy and appreciate J/88 versatility while sharing her forgiving daysailing qualities with all of your family and friends.

Be sure to visit the J/88 one design web site, inquire above to find your local dealer and schedule a test sail and/or join the J/88 Facebook group and explore why your next boat should be the J/88.

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