Dimensions ft/lb  m/kg
LOA 40.70 12.40
LWL 36.20 11.03
Beam 11.33 3.45
Standard Draft 7.00 2.13
Standard Ballast 5,000 2,268
Displacement 12,600 5,715
Diesel Aux. Engine 40 hp 40 hp
100% SA
754 70.08
I 49.00 14.93
J 14.00 4.27
P 48.40 14.75
E 17.00 5.18
SA/Dspl 22 22
Dspl/L 119 119

The J/124...41 Feet of Pure Sailing Joy

From its large carbon wheel to the fine teak joinerwork and Ultra-leather or suede upholstery below, or simply by the smooth, graceful way it slides through the water, the new J/124 is every bit a sailing yacht… in the best sense of the word. One that is a joy to sail in all conditions with minimal crew and with rare need to employ the auxiliary diesel engine.

Yet, J/124’s focus on short-handed sailing qualities doesn’t preclude many days of offshore coastal sailing. Her narrow beam and low center-of-gravity are hallmarks of seaworthiness.

J/124 is a true escape…away from all the trappings and chores of home. Little-used amenities and complex cruising systems are discouraged where possible. But, all the important stuff is there:


An adequate galley and chart table; the accessible top-loading icebox; 6 feet of headroom; three separate sleeping areas; a dodger for all-weather protection; and a cockpit made secure with 14” high backrests and seats that are long enough to sleep on.

The high-tech composite hull evolves from J’s that have dominated IRC competition in Europe over the past three years. The Hall Spars mast and ACC rudder are carbon fiber. Easiest configuration of all is the optional and removable Hoyt self-tacking jib boom with roller furling jib. If the joy of sailing is a priority…that feel of acceleration and response of a good boat…but you still want to enjoy some overnight comfort on those yacht club cruises, then this is the “J” for you.

Introduced: 2005   Built to: Hull #35    Last Model Year: 2007