J/World - America's Top Ranked Sailing School



J/World is "The Performance Sailing School." - Regardless of your present skill level or the type of boat you prefer, training at J/World will improve your performance as a sailor. Attending J World will teach you more about sailing than any other sailing school in the country. 

In fact, J/World has achieved the #1 ranking in America's sailing schools since inception in 1981, according to PRACTICAL SAILOR.   Practical Sailor" is the "Consumer Reports" of the marine industry. They accept no advertising and are considered a thorough, unbiased source of information. For the past 15 years J/World has been selected by them as the top sailing school in the US.  Here are some excerpts from their most recent evaluation of sailing schools:

"In our last survey of sailing schools, J/World won the highest ratings for its fleet of new, high quality boats, their challenging courses and adept instructors. Eight years later they are still the best in the business."

"J/World's customer satisfaction record was perfect. Every former student who reported was satisfied with their experience on the water and in the classroom. All felt that J/World's program was worth the money. That is a distinction no other sailing school achieved!"

The Racing and Cruising School - Since 1981, J World has taught over 30,000 people how to sail. And, each year more men, women and children from age 12 to 70 become captivated with sailing. Whether you're a beginning sailor or a racer seeking to improve your sailing performance, J World has a course to meet your goals. Current locations for J World's Sailing Schools include Annapolis, MD; Key West, FL; Newport, RI; San Diego, CA; and San Francisco, CA.

Planning Your Sail Training - Everyone at J/World is a sailor; from the teaching staff to the office staff. When you contact J/World, you will be in contact with an individual who is experienced in discussing sailing and your sailing plans.

J-World Teaching Method - J-World has been named "the Best Sailing School in America" for 20+ years for good reason: the qualifications of their instructors, beautiful locations, and the proven strength of their teaching methods. The curriculum and the capabilities of the instructors is world renowned. Since J/World's founding, the sailing, cruising and racing courses have been consistently updated and improved. The students benefit from the sailing experience of their instructors and their expertise in teaching the latest sailing techniques.

Teaching The Teachers -  At J/World each instructor trainee spends an extensive period as a "student". The staff development program sharpens the trainee's observational and listening skills while educating them to J/World's teaching method. Boundless sailing experience is only one of the strengths necessary to be accepted into the J/World instructor training program. The ability to teach as well as a passion for sharing the joy of sailing is prerequisite for all J/World instructors.

Six Hours on the Water Every Day - You will learn more in one session at J/World than you would in a full season of trial and error sailing. No sailing school spends more course time on the water than J/World and there are no half-day courses, only a commitment to teaching students who are dedicated to mastering sailing.

The J-World Sailing Fleet - J/World makes use of the J/24, J/80, J/105 and J/120 as their sailboats for teaching you the important concept of "sailboat feel". When you make a sail adjustment you can see and feel the changes in the way the boat moves through the water-- an incredibly important element of learning how to sail well. If the boat you're learning on cannot "talk" back to you, then you are being denied a vital learning tool. At J/World, all students are taught to "listen" and "feel" the boat.

Contact any one of the above J/World locations for a sailing program to fit your needs.