J/Sailing Gear

J/Boats sailing clothing, gear and apparel embroidered with the J/ trademark. Our partner, V-Sport is the exclusive licensee for J/Boats, Inc in the USA. Please take a stroll through our broad range of sailing clothing and gear for your regatta t-shirts, polo shirts, caps, jackets, vests and a full range of apparel.  Pick up a few items and the new 2013 J/Sailing Calendar as gifts for family, friends and loved ones.

J Sailing Clothing: Jackets, vests, pull-overs, sweatshirts, foul weather gear

Outer Wear - Jackets

We offer a wide range of sailing jackets, fleece pull-overs, vests, foul weather gear and hoodie sweatshirts from SLAM, Champion and others ranging from nylon shells to modern Gore-Tex like fabrics.

J/Sailing Clothing: polo shirts, t-shirts, oxford button-down shirts, wicking shirts

Polo Shirts - T-shirts

A complete selection of classic, traditional cotton polo shirts, cotton t-shirts, Oxford button-down shirts as well as quick-drying, wicking modern synthetics ideal for comfort on wet days.

J/Sailing Gear: caps, hats, knit hats
Hats- Caps

From cotton twill caps to faded washed-finished caps, from classic visors to a comfortable watch captains knit hat, we have it all to keep the sun out of your eyes and focused on sailing.

J/Sailing Gear: Accessories, sailing calendar, sailboat calendar, belts, glasses, bags, duffel bags, ice bags, totes, battle flags, shorts, blankets



We offer a wide range of accessories, including convenient totes, battle flags, duffel bags, ice bags, tumbler glasses, belts, key rings, sailing shoes, watches, blankets and shorts. 

2013-Cover v2

Take a look at the exciting NEW 2013 J/Sailing Calendar

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