Sailing 12+ Countries- World's Largest Sportboat Class

J/80 has 1,500 boats sailing in fleets worldwide, including the USA, England, France, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Hong Kong. Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/80s sailing in venues around the world as well as educational J/80 instructional sailing videos.

J/80 Regatta Videos* * Please Click Links for Videos
J/80 Worlds 2009- Santander, Spain
Day_01  Day_02   Day_03  Day_04  Day_05  Day_06
J/80 Europeans 2010- Lake Garda, Italy
Introduction    Race_06
J/80 ECC Viviendas Sailing- January 2012 J/80 Deauville 2009- Day 2
J/80 Mundialito 2011- Santander, Spain J/80 JACKPOT Yamaha 2007 Sailing
J/80 NEXTEL 2012- Santander, Spain J/80 JENIALE!- Italy 2009
J/80 ESP 880 Sailing- Santander, Spain
Jan_2012  Apr_2012  Trofeo_Autoridad   Downwind
J/80 Worlds 2010- Newport- Scott Young Interview
Part-I    Part-II    Part-III
J/80 Match Race France 2010- Marseilles, France
Day_01    Day_02    Day_03    Day_04    Day_05
J/80 Campeonato Espana 2010- Puerto Calero, Spain
Introduction  Day_01  Day_02  Day_03  Interview-Morales
J/80 Match Race France 2009- Marseilles, France
Summary    Day_02    Day_04    Day_05
J/80 Campeonato Espana 2011
Day_01   Day_02   Day_03 
J/80 Match Race France 2008- Marseilles, France
Summary    Training    Day_01
J/80 Benelux Nationals 2009
J/80 Deauville Regatta 2010- France J/80 Italian Nationals 2009- La Spezia, Italy
J/80 Palma Mallorca Sailing 2010- Spain J/80 HostCupen 2007
J/80 New Year's Day Race 2010
J/80 Sailing Videos* * Click Links for Videos
J/80 UK Cowes- Sailing 30 kts breeze J/80 YATES & COSAS Fast Sailing
J/80 Wake-boarding Session- Plymouth Sound, UK J/80 Lake Windermere Sailing- Scotland
J/80 Sailing Downwind 18 Kts+- Netherlands 2009 J/80 MANIA Sailing off Spain
J/80 Fun Sailing Off Spain J/80 Sailing Norway- First Day
J/80 Planing off France- Training Day J/80 Planing & Broaching Lesson- Annapolis
J/80 GBR Team Sailing Practice J/80 Sailing Shilshole Bay in 24 seconds- Seattle
J/80 Sailing Off Palma Mallorca, Spain J/80 Rockland YC Kids Sailing Summer Beer Can Race
J/80 Instructional Videos* * Click Links for Videos
J/80 Extreme Sailing - UK Coach- Bill Saltonstall J/80 Training France 2010
J/80 Training Progam U.K.
Part I    Part II    Part III
J/80 Training France- February 2012
J/80 Training Downwind- Quantum's Flynn J/80 Swiss Lucerne Police Team Training


The Family Rocketship

Sailing can be the world's best family sport. The key is a boat that holds the attention and interest of many types of sailors, young and old! J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. SAILING WORLD rated J/80 as easier to handle, less intimidating, safer and better suited for sailing offshore than other modern sport boats tested.

Thanks to its 1400lb. Fixed lead keel (48% ballast ratio) J/80 has big-boat feel and requires less experienced crew. The boom is high for safety and good visibility. No one has to clamber over a cabin top because everyone sits in the 12 ft. long cockpit. Even toddlers are contained by playpen-high cockpit sides.

Be sailing in 3 minutes. Take off the boom cover and hoist the mainsail, attached to the mast with slides. Cast off. You're now sailing faster than other boats with full canvas.


Ready for more speed? Uncleat the furler line and pull in the jib sheet. Presto! Now you're really flying! Time for the afterburners? Pull the sprit launch control line, hoist the asymmetric spinnaker and trim. Now you're planing! To jibe, simply let off the old sheet and pull in the new. No one on the foredeck! You can even do it single-handed. And to think, prior to the J/80, this kind of performance was rarely achieved, even with a full crew of 4-5 athletic experts.

Join hundreds of others worldwide who are discovering how well J/80 fulfills their dream: A single boat which combines simplicity of operation, confidence building stability and sparkling performance in an affordable, low maintenance and trailerable package. Truly, a unique sailboat for the entire family!