The World's Most Popular One-Design Keelboat

J/24 - International Class For Everyone, Anytime, Anywhere
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Age 12 to 80, no matter what your style: racing, daysailing or cruising. Her flared topsides make her dry on deck.

Her "weekender" cabin makes it possible to get warm on cold days and she can be sailed easily by one person with only the mainsail.  

While some of the world's best sailors have the latest version J/24, a well-prepared 1977 model, built to the same shape and weight with rigid end-grained balsa core construction can still win the class world championship even after 30,000+ miles of trailering.

That's "One Design". The International J/24 is built in the USA, Japan, Argentina and Italy and has more than 50,000 people sailing 5,300 boats in 150 fleets in 40 countries. 

Get in on the fun and find out why J/24 is still one of the world's most popular sailboats.

20 Years of J/24

After racing in the 20th Anniversary Midwinters. Jeff Johnstone looks back over two decades of sailing J/24s the boat that "started it all" for his family’s company.

 "During the summer of 1975, we had an oft-repeated conversation around the dinner table at our house in Stonington, Conn. Our dad, Rod Johnstone, would try to convince the boys (myself, Phil and Al, teenagers at the time) to help him sand the bottom of the 24-footer in the garage. "Look boys:’ he said, "whoever helps me more on the boat will get a larger share when I sell it." As it turned out, brother Phil was very good at sanding and applied himself diligently to the task, logging at least double the hours of his two brothers.

The 24-footer became RAGTIME (later the master plug for J/24 production), suddenly turning what had been a family hobby into a family business. Things really took off with the first J/24 Midwinters in 1978. Twenty J/24s came to Key West, Fla., for the event that would unofficially rocket the J/24 into its 20-year orbit. (read more here)

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