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The J/92s and sistership J/92S have been sailing in a wide variety of regattas and events around the world.  With strong representation in both the USA and in Europe this popular 30 footer has seen its fair share of wide-ranging adventures and experiences. Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/92s sailing in venues around the world.

J/92 Regatta Videos*  * Please Click Links for Videos
J/92 Ijsselmeer 2012 Jottem Regatta- Netherlands J/92 Single-handed Sailing- San Francisco, CA
J/92 Sailing Fast North Sea Race 2011- Netherlands J/92 TURN KEY Sailing Sunset Series- Marina del Rey, CA
J/92 GRUPPO SPORTIVO- Lega Navale Regate- Italy J/92 JOLLY J Sailing Uden Reco Zaterday Race- Italy
J/92 LongPac Race 2011- Bob Johnston- San Francisco J/92 DINAMITE- Sailing Centomiglia 2010- Italy
   Part I     Part II
J/92 THIN MAN- Vineyard Race 2010- New York
   Part I     Part II
J/92 JIGGLE Sailing North Sea Regatta- Netherlands
   Part I    Part II    Part III    Part IV    Part V
J/92 Sailing Videos*
J/92 JACK RABBIT- Lago di Garda Fast Cruise- Italy J/92 "This is why I bought a 'J'- 6.3 kts in 7 kts wind!"
J/92 Sailing Offshore in The Channel- Netherlands J/92 "Upwind in Force 5-6- Piece of cake!"
J/92 Furkolkjaaf Sailing in Italy J/92 Sailing off Redondo Beach- California
J/92 Sailing Jottem Vakantie 2011- Greece
   Part I     Part II