Sailing World's Largest 35' One-Design Class

Over 650 J/105s are sailing worldwide.  This remarkable boat has sailed across the Pacific, the English Channel and raced single-handed across the Alantic.  Sailors enjoy her in the Caribbean as well as the Mediterranean.  Plus, there is great one-design class racing in the USA, South America and England.  Here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/105s sailing in venues around the world as well as educational J/105 instructional/ educational videos.

J/105 Regatta Videos*  * Please Click Links for Videos
J/105 North Americans 2012- San Diego- LynLee Slater
   Race-1-Start   Race-1-Roundings   Race-4-Roundings
   Race-6-Recall  Race-6-Start  Race-7-Start  Race-9-Start
J/105 Key West 2010- Doug Moy video
   Race-2   Race-7 & 8   Race-9 & 10   Race-10 Start
J/105 Masters 2012- San Diego, CA
   Part I     Part II
J/105 Key West 2010- Sailing Anarchy video
   Race-2-Start     Race-2-Finish
J/105 American YC Spring Series- New York
   Part I     Part II
J/105 Chesapeake Wednesday Beer Can- Annapolis, MD
    Part I     Part II     Part III
J/105 SANITY- Yachting Cup 2012- San Diego, CA J/105 Marblehead NOOD 2011
J/105 North Americans 2011- Marblehead Race #9 J/105 Midwinters 2012- Houston, TX
J/105 Long Beach Race Week 2012- Starting J/105 Stone Cup 2012- San Francisco Bay
J/105 Invitational Cup 2009- San Francisco Bay J/105 San Diego Championships 2012- Race #6
J/105 Bermuda Race Week 2009 Highlights J/105 Spring Series 2012- San Francisco Bay
J/105 Rolex Big Boat Series 2011- Day 1 J/105 Rolex Big Boat Series 2010- Day 3
J/105 Rolex Big Boat Series 2009- Yachtshots.com J/105 North Americans 2009- Starting Line
J/105 Sailing Videos*
J/105 USUAL SUSPECTS- EYC Regatta 2011- Annapolis J/105 SNAKE OIL Sailing Lake St Claire 2009
J/105 SOLARIS- Sailing JFest 2011- Houston, TX J/105 PLANET B- Founders Regatta- Toronto, Canada
J/105 PLANET B- Beer Can 2011- Toronto, Canada J/105 Sailing Cross-Channel to La Trinite, France
J/105 LUCKY DOG- Sailing Key West 2011 J/105 KESTREL- Sailing Sunday Series
J/105 Stone Cup 2010- Spinnaker Sets J/105 Sailing with a Salty Dog! Off Portland, Maine
J/105 Sailing from Long Beach to Oceanside- California J/105 NA's 2011- Marblehead- Bow Girl's View
J/105 Key West 2005- High-speed Downwind to Start J/105 JEOPARDY- Round Island 2008- England
J/105 Sailing Fast Across English Channel- Europe J/105 CRASH- Sailing Annapolis Beer Can Series
J/105 Sailing Bay of Biscay- France J/105 NO COMPROMISE Sailing Santa Barbara Channel
J/105 JAM SESSION- Sailing Netherlands Offshore!
   Part I     Part II
J/105 TAIKA- Sailing Offshore Irish Sea/ Fastnet Rock
   Part I     Part II     Part III
J/105 Instructional Videos*  * Click Links for Videos
J/105 Introduction J/105 Heavy Air Practice
J/105 Heavy Air Spinnaker Sets J/105 Spinnaker Trim & Gybing
J/105 North Sails/ Harken Boat-Handling
   Intro   Tacking   Gybes   Douses   Sets   Wing&Wing
J/105 Heavy Air Sailing
   Part I     Part II     Part III