Speed &  Comfort- Offshore & Cruising

J/109 fulfills a need to combine that elusive combination of speed & comfort in the classic 35 foot size range.  As a tribute to its capabilities to hit that magical target, here's a selection of sailing videos that feature J/109 owner's joyfully sailing in venues around the world in a broad spectrum of conditions with family & friends.

J/109 Regatta Videos*  * Please Click Links for Videos
J/109 BLUR Sailing Season 2011- Sweden J/109 VOADOR EuoCup 2012- Yarmouth, England
J/109 BLUR Sailing Season 2010- Sweden J/109 BLUR Big Boat Challenge 2010- Sweden
J/109 BLUR Sailing Season 2009- Sweden J/109 BLUR 2007- Zero to 16 kts Fast!- Sweden
J/109 RUSH- Marstand Big Boat Series 2012- Sweden J/109 ASTRAL PLANE- Southern Straits- Victoria, BC
J/109 ARETHUSA- Vuurschepen North Sea Race 2011 J/109 JOULE- Ijsselmeer Race- July 2011
J/109 AXA/ Multi Sailing 2008 J/109 JANGADA TOO- RORC Myth of Malham Race 2011 
J/109 JUST FOR FUN- Plymouth to St Peter Port 2011 J/109 IPANEMA- Sailing Volvo Suursaari Race 2011
J/109 UK Nationals 2011- Weymouth, England- Day #2 J/109 BLUR Tjorn-Runt 2009 Race     TR Race Overview
J/109 Sailing Videos*
J/109 North Sails Training Weekend- Dublin, Ireland J/109 CAMINOS Key West 2008 Practice- 30kts+ breeze
J/109 Downwind Gale Off Seattle, Washington J/109 AXA/ MultiSailing- Algarve, Portugal
J/109 JEEZ LOUISE- Perfect Gybe Practice- Solent, UK J/109 Cork, Ireland to Scotland Delivery Cruise
J/109 Chestress - Chestress all Roma per Tutti - Italy